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The Missouri History Museum has an active internship program available in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. For the most part the selected interns are college juniors or above, although exceptional underclass students are accepted on occasion. MHM has a variety of departments that offer internships. If a department has an opening, the intern position description will be posted after the category descriptions.

We offer three categories of internships:

  • Academic internships. The intern is supervised by an MHM staff professional but must take a corresponding course in his or her college, university, or graduate school for credit. A faculty member monitors the student's work and assigns a grade.
  • Paid internships. A limited number of paid internships are offered each semester. The intern works on a funded project with an MHM staff professional; no academic credit is given.
  • Non-academic internships. The intern does the work and meets the expectations of an academic internship but does not take a corresponding academic class. The Internship Office runs this internship, and any position available as an academic internship can be taken as a non-academic internship as an alternative.

  Missouri History Museum Internships


Fall 2017 Postings wll be up by Friday, July 28.



 *Please complete the online application.



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