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Programs for Students

What We Do

The bulk of our K–12 education programming consists of FREE guided Gallery + Classroom programs at the Missouri History Museum. These two-hour experiences are composed of a one-hour tour that allows students to interact with our permanent and special exhibitions and a one-hour classroom activity.

Each program's engagement strategies, themes, and content are tailored to accommodate students' developmental abilities (either K–5th or 6th–12th). We also offer guided programs at our Library and Research Center. Click on a program below to find out more!

Guided Programs at the Missouri History Museum Missouri History Museum building

      Engaging with Artifacts     Curator for a Day           Engineering a Fair     Legacy of the Fair   Women's History     STL Civil Rights LegacySt. Louis: A History in Photographs     Media Literacy: Military Messaging

Outreach Program to Schools

ACTivist In-School Visit

Guided Programs at the Library and Research CenterLibrary & Research Center building

                                  Explore Lewis and Clark                                    Streets of St. Louis        The Civil War  

Please note that program details are subject to change. 

Useful Information

Before booking a field trip, be sure to check out this helpful information:

K-12 Policies        LogisticsEvaluation        Pre-Visit Activities

The Nature of Our Programs

At the Missouri History Museum we strive for all students to:

  • feel welcome and safe
  • begin developing museum literacy skills that will empower them to be lifelong museum learners
  • foster a greater sense of empathy by engaging with diverse stories

Our programs are therefore designed to be participatory and interdisciplinary, emphasizing the critical thinking skills students use as lifelong learners. So although we do share many engaging stories about the past, your tour won't be a history lecture!

For all of our K–12 programs we strive to create and facilitate experiences in which learners can individually and collaboratively use Museum spaces, objects, and content to:

  • compare and contrast the past and the present
  • make connections between the people, places, and stories of history and their own experiences
  • comprehend and evaluate multiple perspectives and past choices
  • express and support their personal views on history

Groups with Special Needs

The Missouri History Museum is accessible to every school and every student. We have experiences that accommodate special education students, foreign exchange students, ELL students, and ESL students. Please indicate any special needs your group may have in the comments field of the school program reservation form, which can be found at

Who Facilitates Our Programs?

Our programs are facilitated by engaging and knowledgeable museum educators who have backgrounds in museum education, classroom teaching, and/or history. They also receive weekly training in best practices in education, engagement strategies, historical topics and themes, child development, diversity, and more.

Special Programs

Looking for a different experience for your students? Click on a program title below to find out more!

Research Visits       Self-Guided Visits

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