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Permission to Publish
Legal Notice
All contents, both written and graphic, of this page are © Missouri History Museum unless specifically noted, and may not be reused, reprinted or reposted without written permission. Copyrighted materials from other sources are used with the permission of the copyright owner, whose permission is required for use by third parties.

Use of Images Posted on this Web Site
Images downloaded from this web site may be used for private, personal use only and may not be uploaded or reposted. The sole exception to this policy is educational use: students may use images from this web site in classroom projects, which may be retained and used in portfolios or by the library of the school where the work was performed. Any broader, publicly accessible use requires further permission. Students, teachers, or faculty sponsors or advisors should see Copyright and Reproduction Policies for details.

Copyright and Reproduction Policies
The Missouri History Museum reserves the right to provide, for any use in publication, all copies of materials in its collections. Reproductions of images are provided under license agreements prepared by the department of Photographs and Prints, for study and reference use, use in interior decor and use in publication (print, moving image and electronic).
The Missouri History Museum claims copyright in all of the reproductions it provides of images of its collections.

To inquire about licensing use of images in the collections, contact:
Department of Photographs and Prints
 Missouri History Museum
 P.O. Box 11940
 St. Louis, Missouri 63112-0040

 Fax number: (314) 746-4548
 Telephone: (314) 746-4511

While we welcome telephone calls, any request for searches or for reproductions must be in written form.
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