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A Song of Faith and Hope: The Life of Frankie Muse Freeman
Book cover of A Song of Faith and Hope: The Life of Frankie Muse Freeman
A Song of Faith and Hope: The Life of Frankie Muse Freeman

Growing up in the Jim Crow-era South, Frankie Freeman learned lessons about discrimination. She walked places instead of taking the segregated streetcar; she felt hurts and vowed privately never to forget. But in her loving family, she also learned positive lessons about living: work hard, get an education, fight injustice, and make a difference. Freeman took all these lessons to Hampton Institute, to Howard University law school, then to her career as a St. Louis civil rights attorney, winning a landmark victory in the area of fair housing. In 1964, she became the first woman appointed to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, leaving in 1979 to serve as inspector general of the Community Services Administration. During these years, she was also St. Louis Housing Authority general counsel and lost her job amid bitter controversy stirred up by a commission hearing in St. Louis County. This memoir tells the story of Frankie Freeman's life and career. There were high points, such as meetings with President Lyndon Johnson, historic commission hearings, and her national presidency of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. There were also difficult events, such as the illness and death of her husband and son. Through it all, she continued to fight for what she believed in; she kept her faith and carried on.

216 pages, 85 ills., index
ISBN: 1-883982-41-3, $29.95, hardcover
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