Mission Statement

"The Missouri Historical Society serves as the confluence of historical perspectives and contemporary issues to inspire and engage our audiences."

Core Values

Foster Community Engagement

  • We are connected to the communities of our region in relevant and engaging ways.
  • The stories we tell are inspired by our collections and the history of the region.
  • We facilitate discussions of social issues and those that encourage civic identity.
  • We encourage staff to participate in civic endeavors.

Lead Education and Exploration

  • We challenge our audiences and ourselves to explore and grow.
  • Intellectual curiosity, creativity, and innovation drive our work.
  • We commit to using our renowned historical collections to be a leader in education.
  • We encourage our visitors to explore our region's history, their place in it, and the experiences of others.

Strive for Excellence and Expertise

  • We strive for excellence in all we do.
  • Museum operations and business practices meet the highest ethical standards.
  • We operate with integrity and transparency and are accountable to the communities we serve.

Commit to Stewardship and Sustainability

  • We are responsible stewards of community resources.
  • We are comprehensive and strategic about what and how we collect.
  • We commit to long-term preservation, conservation, interpretation, and accessibility of our collections.

Honor Inclusivity and Collaboration

  • We create a welcoming environment for all visitors.
  • Our work environment is congenial, accessible, and inclusive.
  • Within the bounds of civility and respect, we encourage meaningful dialogue about challenging topics from diverse perspectives.

Community Reports and Financial Information

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